Saturday, September 21, 2013

Return of the Guardian Series

Welcome everyone!  My name is Jason W Baccaro and I am the author of the Guardian series--an epic/dark fantasy saga of five installments.

For those of you who may recall, the series was once known as "Guardian of the Seventh Realm."  But...I am no longer with my previous publisher.

After hooking up with the amazing Leanore Elliot (a professional editor and kick-arse paranormal romance author), I have re-released the old series...and thanks to Leanore it is now MUCH smoother. Yes, I got to work with a REAL editor this time around, someone who actually cares about other writers and their work.

Now, the new cover followed by a little synopsis about book one "Guiding the Blue Flame" (formerly known as "Prophecy of the Guardian")

"Darshun Luthais, an inexperienced martial artist of the Nasharin, a mystical sorcerer race, is the newly proclaimed Guardian of the Forbidden Realm. If the hardships of seeking four magical crystals before they fall into malevolent hands weren’t enough, he must also deal with the inner struggles of his heart. Forced by fate to choose between the roles of guardianship or prolong his romantic connection with the woman he loves. Despite warnings from the wizened Mirabel, his father, Darshun leans toward his love life, ignoring the possible threats which might endanger the company of the quest.

Furious with Darshun’s incompetence, one amongst the company, Nayland, reveals to Darshun why he hates him so passionately, and attempts to kill him. Almost bested by this enraged dark warrior, he’s then rescued by his father. Darshun soon realizes things are not always what they appear to be, and begins to take his guardianship role more solemnly. He’s compelled to journey to a deadly, mystical island to perfect his skills—seven years of training and hardship in another realm. If he endures the hellish rigors of the Island, he will return to his quest after only a day passing in the earthly realm, in hopes it will better prepare him for the darker times to come."

Link to purchase: Guiding the Blue Flame
I hope you all enjoy this second edition of the Guardian series. For those of you who have never read're in for one hell of a wild journey!  :)