Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book 2 in the Guardian Series

Darshun Luthais, a young but powerful Nasharin Warrior learns he’s the fulfillment of the two thousand year old Prophecy of the Guardian. The Wizard Olchemy informs him that he’s the protector and guardian the earth has been waiting for.

After Darshun experiences betrayal by Aurora, the woman he loves, he is imprisoned by the Dark Queen. Inside the bowels of the Dark Castle Asgoth, Darshun then meets a powerful Elf and is healed by her light.

Against better judgment, he arrogantly fights Abaddon the Demon Lord. He is nearly killed and the powers of the Dark believe he is dead. All of the crystals indeed end up in the clutches of the Demon Lord.

After falling into the river of death, he is pulled out. He receives some healing and again, sets out to join his companions to finish the battle against the Demon’s armies.

Can Darshun stop the dark from destroying all Light on the earth?

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A great review by an Amazon Customer!  :)

"The adventure continues in Crossing Forbidden Lines, the second book of the Guardian series and what an excellent continuation it is, it took off perfectly from the last book in the series!

Darshun is now back after visiting a sacred island to help bring forth his powers to a stronger level so he can defeat the Dark. Not much has changed since he left, but war is upon them and he feels as ready as ready can be for any and all that comes his way. But what can he possible do if his mind is elsewhere? Once again our dear Darshun gets side tracked and some perish due to his absence of both physical and mental presence for the fight. He know finds himself in a place he does not want to be and feels as if he is destined to fail all.

This book had me laughing as well as crying quite a few times for many of the characters and their dealings. It also had me holding onto my seat in suspense as to what would happen next. J.W, Baccaro kept it going strong and I CANNOT wait to see what happens next with Darshun and his comrades!"

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